About Us:

Who Are We?

Freight Logistics is an IATA Accredited Agent (14 -3 1154) & Govt. Approved Custom House Agent. It is an amalgamation of professionals from the logistics industry who have expertise for more than one decade in the field of freight forwarding, warehousing and supply chain management. Logistics is no longer a standalone entity but is a part of the tightly meshed Supply chain ecosystems. Manufacturers have realized the essence of superior levels of logistics as one of the key factors in maintaining a healthy top line along with the bottom line.


Focusing on the vision to provide customers futuristic solutions, Freight Logistics promises to go the extra mile with all of our trading partners. We have invested heavily on infrastructure, Information Technology and our most important asset ‘Manpower’. We have always realized that these three are most crucial cogs in the wheel of superior logistics services which will distinguish the amateurs from the professionals.

Our Assets


  • We have our Warehouse at very close vicinity of the Delhi International Airport. We have more than 2000 Sq Ft. Quality warehouse space for storing cargo of any dimension. It is a secure facility monitored by IP Camera’s and pro active alarm systems. We are also in the process of acquiring Trucks and Forklift to augment our in-house abilities.


  • A professional team with vastly experienced manpower in logistical movements of multifarious commodities. This is one area which we are proud to showcase as one of the best in the world in terms of efficiency and adhering to highest standards of customer servicing.

Information Technology:

  • All our operational procedures are run through a state of art ERP software solution. It encompasses the complete spectrum of all our operational aspects tightly coupled with Accounting, Warehousing and Inventory Management. To keep the management abreast of any foreseeable issues a vast array of MIS Reports may be generated. We call it a pro active system, as it alerts us in advance, by pointing out issues in foreseeable future.
  • We have the expertise to provide EDI Solutions to all our trading partners. On request and understanding we provide gateways to connect to our system or vice versa. We are on the way to commission a comprehensive portal on the web to facilitate collaborative activities with all the participants of the supply chain. To start with we plan to introduce the Tracking of cargo from the order generation to delivery at the consignee’s warehouse.